I am Monica Sanchez and I have been pioneering the field of natural cooking and wellness coaching since I moved to Sydney in 2009. However, my interest for food and positive psychology goes back to when I was born.


I grew up in Spain and from my mother I learnt about the importance of good nutrition, and she passed onto me the passion for cooking. My father’s family instead awoke on me the importance of simplicity and the use of natural ingredients.


Secretly I did not write my last paper at University, so I could go on an international exchange program to Italy where I completed my BBA. The decision changed my life forever. It opened me the doors to travel the world and to work for large multi-nationals in Europe and later in Australia.


During that time I never stopped preparing my meals and I was often moved to see how people compromise their health and wellbeing for their careers.


I learnt about the art of work-life balance and my passion not only led me to complete a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, a Diploma in Transpersonal Coaching and a Certificate in Health Coaching (all in my spare time) but also to effortlessly inspire others to adopt a healthier and more spirited life.



What really shaped my life…


  • In my childhood: a thirst to expand my nutritional knowledge and to grow the seed my mother planted on me
  • In my teens: my eagerness to reestablish my appetite for living and to overcome an eating disorder
  • In my twenties: my devotion to find peace and to live life authentically and fully
  • In my thirties: my yearning to overcome my limitations and to find my voice (first at work, then in the world)


It was through these experiences that I found my passion to help others to enhance their level of health and happiness.


I currently live in Sydney and I work with busy people locally and internationally struggling to find work-life balance. I help them to identify and deal with the stressors of their lives, to adopt a more natural, healthy and simple way of eating and to design and step into a more vibrant, healthy and spirited future.



A few other things…


  • When I am not cooking, exercising, working or learning I am thinking of my next trip with my parents… my favorite travel companions
  • I am quite busy so even though I love cooking I try to keep meals simple and delicious
  • I do no use, not even believe, in the need of super foods
  • I find powerful (and I love) to combine nutritional and food energetics principles
  • I love, love, love and have a tremendous respect for Mother Nature





  • BBA
  • Diploma in Holistic Nutrition
  • Diploma in Transpersonal Coaching
  • Certificate in Health Coaching
  • Approved coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Member of the ICF Leadership Committee in NSW (2015-2016)

International Coaching Federation, ICF, Approved ICF Coach