Healthy Recipes

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A collection of my favourite healthy recipes:

  • All created by me in my kitchen – sometimes from scratch, sometimes by inspiration from friends, family, teachers, health advocates… all beautiful human beings.
  • All gluten, dairy and sugar free. Because that is what my body is asking me to do at the moment.
  • All simple, easy, quick, nourishing and delicious. Because time and health are precious.

With a mediterranean flavour and bits and pieces from all over the world, I hope these recipes inspire you to be creative in the kitchen and to nourish your gorgeous body.


My wish to you

Listen to your body. Be creative in the kitchen. Cook mindfully and soulfully. Be and patient and loving – with your health and body.

Your dedication will pay off.


Happy Cooking!




Zucchini carpaccio

Summer lentil salad

Gluten free tabbouleh

Pickled Chinese cabbage salad


Miso soup

Zucchini summer soup



Summer lentil salad

Adzuki bean burgers

Autumn stew with chickpeas, chestnuts and fennel


Steamed snapper with fennel, shallots and capers

Sardines spread for healthy bones

Flathead fish burgers – easy, clean & nutritious


Almond milk


 Almond milk

Apple cake recipe: simple, light and delicious

Heavenly & simple ice cream recipe

Mazapan, a Spanish Christmas delight

Beetroot chocolate mousse cake for Valentine’s day