My cooking classes offer you the opportunity to discover a wide range of whole and natural foods.

You will learn a simple and conscious way of preparing tasty and appealing meals that add to your health, vitality, radiance and beauty from the inside out.










The classes are about much more than a list of ingredients and how to cook them.

With my personalised approach, you will receive nutritional advice and learn:

  • How to prepare nutrient-dense wholefood meals to nourish you without being calorie-rich.
  • How to use different cooking methods to enhance the flavor of food naturally.
  • How to personalise dishes with dressings that not only add flavor but also support health and aid digestion.
  • The importance of different flavours, colours and textures for health and vitality.
  • How to use food to restore and enhance health naturally.
  • How to prepare meals that will help you to be in your best physical, mental, and emotional body.

And much more…


You will gain the many benefits of eating whole, natural foods including:

  • Natural weight loss
  • Reduced cravings for sugar and caffeine
  • Improved digestion
  • Clear thinking
  • High and steady levels of energy


Eating this way gives the body the opportunity to restore and enhance its natural balance, health and radiance from the inside out.



Soledad “We approached Monica as a Wellness Coach to broaden our knowledge of healthy eating and cooking. She came to our house and assisted us with our pantry and cooking. We really enjoyed the classes as they are very practical with easy tips that we apply day to day. I can say that with a very few tips I’m looking at food and eating with different eyes I recommend Monica to anyone who has very little understanding of food as well as those who know much more. Monica has a wealth in knowledge that caters for different levels.” – Soledad Chiarino – Brand Campaign Marketing Manager




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