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Mazapan, a Spanish Christmas delight

There is no Christmas that passes by without me having mazapan. A Spanish Christmas delight dated from the XI century!   As I wrote this post, I learnt nuns from Toledo – one of the most charming cities in Spain – invented the recipe during a famine. With no flour in their pantries, but plenty of almond and […]

Fish burger recipe, easy, clean & nutritious

A trip to my favourite fish shop in the city inspired me to create this super easy, clean and nutritious fish burger recipe. Burgers are a great way to quickly transform food. They add variety to your meals and make eating an interesting and fun experience. For example, you can use a pot of beans to make a […]

Adzuki bean burgers

Week in, week out I make this delicious adzuki bean burgers recipe… specially during those super busy periods when I do not have much time available to spare in the kitchen! It is delicious, super simple, and eating these vegetarian style burgers will automatically make you feel healthier! Whether I am using leftover or canned beans, […]

Pickled chinese cabbage salad

On my latest trip to Finland I spent sometime with my dear friend Monika. One of the most courageous and beautiful souls I have ever met, and an incredible yoga teacher. Together we made this pickled salad, and she recently asked me for the recipe. I am not sure what’s about it, but every time […]

Heavenly & simple ice cream recipe

I love, love, love summer time, and it happens I live in country where Christmas is during summer. Days are beautifully long and warm, and life slows down dramatically during this time of the year. Sleeping, going to the beach, spending time with friends, watching movies, cooking deliciously or just pottering around become top priority. I […]

Zucchini summer soup recipe

I love this quick and easy zucchini soup recipe. The creamy texture is just wonderful, and the subtleties of the flavours make it the perfect starter to any meal. Personally I could have it all day long, even for breakfast! Out of the fridge in summer, topped with a slide of lemon, is terrific and […]

Gluten free tabbouleh

I love tabbouleh… it is one of those dishes that somehow brings me closer to my home country and reminds me of summer time. The exquisite flavour of fresh parsley and mint is just beautiful. Bulgur adds a lovely chewy texture and that touch of red tomato brings the dish so much alive! Unfortunately bulgur is high in […]

Sardines spread for healthy bones

Whether you are looking to improve the health of your bones or to find easy, quick, healthy and delicious recipes you would want to try this one! As an appetiser or as part of a light lunch this is a terrific spread and a great nutritional combo. Particularly for healthy bones! Sardines are packed with healthy […]